Medical Tourism in Singapore

Singapore’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. In 2013, the medical tourism industry in Singapore generated revenue of more than $832 million from treatment of foreign travellers. Even though medical care in Singapore is expensive as compared to other popular medical tourism hotspots like India., Hungary, Turkey, and Thailand, the country is favoured by medical tourists for the country’s state-of-the-art medical facilities, orderliness, clean environment and English-speaking personnel.

There are 15 medical centers in Singapore that have received accreditation by the reputed Joint Commission International (JCI) for their excellence in providing the best in healthcare to the patients. As per the Singapore Tourism Board, thousands of medical tourists avail medical treatment in the country each year. The majority of the international patients come from China, Malaysia, the UAE, Philippines, and Indonesia.

MediGence is partnered with several of the JCI accredited and globally renowned hospitals in Singapore to offer a high quality and high-tech medical treatment to its customers wishing to avail of the medical treatment in Singapore.

Why choose Singapore?

  • Best in Healthcare Services: Singapore is ranked 6th by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the quality of healthcare services that the centers provide.
  • Developed Country: Singapore has earned a worldwide reputation for it’s cleanliness, discipline, security and service. The medical centers offer a professional and quality service.
  • JCI-accredited Medical Centers: Most of the centers offering medical services to international patients are accredited by the reputed JCI, which is considered as the gold standard.
  • English is Popularly Spoken: One of the key reasons for Singapore to be chosen for medical treatment by patients around the world is that English is fluently spoken and understood throughout the country.

Travel/Safety Tips

Singapore is connected with most countries via direct flights. To make your stay comfortable and safe, we will take care of all your needs as a medical tourist. We will make all your travel arrangements such as accommodation, local phone, to and fro ticket booking, and local travel assistance.

During your travel and stay in Singapore, make sure that you:

  • Carry your passport, visa, and emergency contact details of the visiting hospital at all times
  • Do not rely on strangers for anything and ask for translators at any given point when in doubt.
  • Avoid consuming street food if you are not too comfortable with it.
  • Always keep some amount of money in local currency.