Prostate Cancer Treatment


Cancer care is provided by bringing in multiple treatment techniques. In fact, only with various options, one can expect to eliminate cancer. However, this can differ for individuals, based on their health and severity of the tumor cells’ growth. The first thing to know what cancer treatment is about and what side effects it can produce. In men, prostate cancer can take a toll on the daily life. They need to understand treatments related to the urinary system, bowel, and hormones are to be taken. These all niches can be affected because of prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction is the major symptom of this cancer. A biopsy is a way to find the stage and grade of the prostate cancer.

When is it done?

In older men, watchful waiting is recommended. Routine tests and biopsies are recommended for men with risk factors. The doctors take time to diagnose the disease, for the symptoms can be confusing. A repeated biopsy is recommended for many men with symptoms of prostate cancer. Treatment types are concluded based on this.

How is it done?

If cancer is spread over a specific part of the body, local treatments are effective. Surgery and radiation therapy are examples of local treatment. If the cancer is spread out of the prostate gland, radiation therapy is recommended. Cancer cells can be destroyed with systematic treatment. Removal of cancer cells with surgery is done, and at times, the prostate can be removed entirely. A less invasive type of surgery is robotic or laparoscopic surgery. Radiation therapy methods include intensity modulated radiation therapy, external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, and proton therapy.


Loss of sexual desire, hot flash, depression, weight gain, muscle mass loss, and osteoporosis are the side effects of prostate cancer treatment. These are short-lived, and you can get over them in a matter of few months. Healthy lifestyle is recommended for overall health and recovery.