Medical Tourism in Dubai

The high quality and high-tech services provided and constantly maintained in the medical centres has made Dubai into a highly reputed centre for medical tourism. The standards maintained at the hospital conform to the international standards. Within the DHCC premises, the clinics are outfitted with the latest technology and optimum facilities. Also, the medical and nursing staff is highly trained to serve the patients duly and ensure they recover in a timely manner.

According to surveys and available figures, more than a million patients came to Dubai for medical treatment in 2016. In the same year, the Dubai Health Experience portal was also launched to provide all the necessary information to the medical tourists.

There are more than 30 hospitals in Dubai that cater to the needs of medical tourists and there are also more than 20 medical centers that have received accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI). Our renowned partner, MediGence collaborates with some of the leading hospitals in Dubai to assist patients traveling from Mauritius and the Indian Ocean countries to seek high-quality treatment.

Why choose Dubai?

There are many reasons why a patient should choose Dubai for medical treatment. The top doctors in Dubai are globally recognized for their experience and skills and have already successfully treated thousands of patients from across the world.

  • Quality Services: In the past few years, Dubai has made substantial efforts to cater to international patients and deliver quality healthcare services to them.
  • Affordability: In Dubai, medical tourists can avail of quality medical treatment at an economical costs compared to similar treatments in the west.
  • Competent Staff: The medical staff at DHCC is proficient and highly competent. They deliver healthcare services that meet the worldwide standards.

Travel/Safety Tips

Traveling to Dubai is extremely convenient as the city is connected via direct flights to countries around the world. Also, the city houses many different category hotels to cater to the needs of the medical tourists. We take care of all the needs of the medical tourists during their travel, from boarding and lodging to local travel and food arrangements.

Nonetheless, medical tourists may find the following tips handy when traveling to Dubai for medical treatment.

  • Cross-check all the necessary arrangements with the concerned individual before arriving in Dubai.
  • Make sure to carry the contact numbers of caretakers who will be taking care of you during their stay in the city for the course of medical treatment.
  • Keep copies of visa and passport at all times during your stay in the country.
  • Have sufficient local currency with you to pay for unexpected expenses.