Breast Cancer Treatment


Breast cancer treatment options have grown immensely. The result is that the affected women do not consider this cancer a threat to life. Earlier, it was considered fatal or losing the breast even in the initial stages. The whopping number of options has made it easy for these women to survive with confidence. The doctor and the patient can now discuss the options available and choose one to tackle the severity of the disease. From radiation to hormone therapy, you will be able to identify what suits the stage of cancer you suffer from. You can get in touch with two or three doctors before you plan for the treatment type.

When is it done?

When you are affected with breast cancer, your doctor will throw a number of suggestions. You can plan well and get a second opinion, too, if required. You can also ensure the treatment type fits into your time schedule. However, not all types of treatments can be perfect for you. This is where you need to nod to the expert.

How is it done?

The surgical options include lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, and mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is also carried out in a few cases. Chemotherapy is another option available for all types of cancer patients, and breast cancer is no exception. The number of sessions can vary based on the severity of the stage. There are also multiple combinations available. Hormonal problems can be a cause of breast cancer, and if this is what has triggered the suffering, your doctor will suggest hormone therapy. Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, complementary and holistic medicine, and drugs are all available to get treated for breast cancer.


Recovery period varies from individual to individual. One has to be emotionally strong to cope with the side effects caused by the various types of cancer treatments. Getting back to work can take longer when you are under chemotherapy and radiation therapy. From the loss of weight to hair, multiple problems with your health can pop up as side effects. However, the battle is to fight and these challenges do not live long.